Walog has an enviable pedigree over twenty years for the production of quality training and technical documentation, on time and within budget.  The combination of skilled instructional designers and authors and the use of the latest information management technologies allow us to offer focused, cost effective and innovative training and technical documentation services.  These specialist skills are used to the full in the authoring, illustration and delivery (paper of electronic) of technical information to various industry standards for projects in most industries.


Our vision is to provide our clients with scientific accountable training and technical manuals.  We achieve this through our diverse service offerings and by establishing good-faith, long-term working relationships that our clients can count on.

Instructional Design


Work with your team to conduct learning needs analyses. Writes training materials. Draws upon knowledge of the job, work process, the organisation and the individuals to be trained; develops and writes training programmes designed to transfer skills and knowledge to the trainee.  Using knowledge of adult learning, selects instructional medium most appropriate for the transfer of skill and knowledge.  May prepare job and training aids in addition to instructional programme.

Technical Authoring


A Technical Author’s main job is to convert engineer’s design data into a Manual (or other publication) so that someone else can learn about the product. The reasons for someone else needing to find out about the product are various. A few of them are :

1. The need to operate the equipment

2. To maintain it, including fault finding .

3. To find out if the product is suitable for a particular job.