Experts in our field for more than 20 years, Industry-leading since 1997

Training Development

Using proven instructional techniques and best practices that ensure desired learning outcomes. The product of the ISD process is a total quality instructional system that is cost-efficient and produces personnel who can do the job.

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Develop Bespoke Training Courses

We develop training to meet your specific training requirements.  May it be operator or maintenance training specific.

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Technical Writing

We develop fully customized documentation and knowledge solutions for both technical and non-technical audiences that meet your specific requirements for performance, delivery and maintenance.

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Basic Printing & Design

We provide basic printing and design services including but not limited to General/Colour A4 printing, A3 Black/Colour printing, Ring Binding, Pamphlets, Typing & Formatting to Specification and Banners.

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Our Mission

Walog's mission is to help operations and maintenance organisations to reduce their cost by improving their employee performance and to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness, through bespoke training solutions and supporting technical manuals.

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